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Property listing in Oggebbio/Lombardy/Italy

   4 properties found in Oggebbio.

Villa Caminetto  - Oggebbio
living area 65.00m2 - Total area 1000.00m2 - Price: 550.000 €

Modern villa near the town Oggebbio in a quiet and sunny location with beautiful panoramic views on the lake. The villa was built in the sixties and completely renovated and restored on the highest level in 2009. The villa has been equipped with "home automation system (...)

Casa Sopra  - Oggebbio
living area 390.00m2 - Total area 10000.00m2 - Price: 1.300.000 €

This detached and typical house was built in the early years of the 19th Century and is near the town of Oggebbio in a beautiful panoramic position. The three-story house was partially renovated in the eighties (bathrooms and plumbing) and must be renovated inside and partly out (...)

Casa Villetta  - Oggebbio
living area 180.00m2 - Total area 2000.00m2 - Price: 650.000 €

This independent house is built on a generous plot in a part of a small town at the Lago Maggiorein, in a sunny and quiet location with beautiful views beautiful views over the lake and the surrounding mountains. The double-storey house out of the 80s is renovated and ready for (...)

Villa Veduta  - Oggebbio
living area 230.00m2 - Total area 300.00m2 - Price: 550.000 €

Detached villa in a quiet and sunny location with phenomenal panoramic views over Lago Maggiore. The renovated villa stands on a plot which measures about 300 m². The bright, three-story house is divided as follows: The ground floor has a tavern, a laundry room and a studio. On (...)

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