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Property listing in Canelli/Piedmont/Italy

   47 properties found in Canelli.

Casa Elena  - Canelli
living area 310.00m2 - Total area 25000.00m2 - Price: 140.000 €

This property is situated in a quiet, undisturbed hillside location and easily accessible via a barely used asphalted road. The historical towns of Nizza Monferrato and Canelli are both just about seven kilometers in distance. Here everything for daily needs is to be found. The n (...)

Casa Lillac  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 23.000 €

This former farmhouse is situated sunny and quite near a medieval village in altitude, just outside of a medieval village - only about 500 meters in distance. A short grassy driveway leads, from an small asphalted road, to the house with a small garden. The L-shaped house need (...)

Rustico Loana  - Canelli
living area 90.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 45.000 €

This small farmhouse, built of natural stone, is located sunny and quiet at an altitude on the edge of a village, known for its white wines. It stands high above a steep slope in a panoramic position and has a levelled garden. The house is easily accessible by car and there is (...)

Cascina Orchidea  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 260.000 €

Typical Piedmontese farmhouse in a beautiful panoramic position with views to the Alps on clear days. This L-shaped farmhouse is ready to move in and is very quiet and sunny south facing amidst its own large grounds. There are no neighbors in sight that disturb the peace. The pr (...)

Cascina Garbazzola  - Canelli
living area 600.00m2 - Total area 18000.00m2 - Price on request

This restored farmhouse is located in a valley in half altitude. The location is sunny, very quiet and offers a nice view through the valley. The property, located on a side street which is only used by neighbors, is easily accessible year-round. A private driveway leads from the (...)

Cascina Paola  - Canelli
living area 660.00m2 - Total area 80000.00m2 - Price: 330.000 €

This spacious property, built of natural stone, consists of three buildings and a plot of eight hectares, in a panoramic position outside a typical Piedmontese village. It is easily accessible via a terminal and paved road. The road ends at the neighbor, there is no go-through tr (...)

Cascina Lucia  - Canelli
living area 120.00m2 - Total area 7000.00m2 - Price: 250.000 €

This typical farmhouse is located in a semi-altitude position only a few kilometers outside Canelli. Sunny andquiet location with southern exposure aside little busy residential street. Property is reached conveniently via a private driveway with gate. The courtyard is bordered t (...)

Casa Volpe  - Canelli
living area 400.00m2 - Total area 7200.00m2 - Price: 220.000 €

This property towers in uphill location over the Belbotal with magnificent views far over Canelli to the Alps. The property is easily accessible via a little used asphalt road. On a 7,200 square meter plot is an old two-storey farmhouse with a new roof, which must be restored. (...)

Casa Tiziana  - Canelli
living area 400.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price on request

In beautiful panoramic position, this country house is very sunny on the edge of a very small Burgos with 2 neighbors. The house is attached to one of the narrow sides and the neighbors are to the rear. It is very fast in Santo Stefano Belbo or Canelli. The house is finished (...)

Casa Viola A  - Canelli
living area 250.00m2 - Total area 7000.00m2 - Price: 160.000 €

The property is located between Nizza Monferrato and Canelli, in a valley surrounded by vineyards with the best known red vines. The property is oriented to the west (evening sun) in quiet and sunny location, heightened at the edge of a village, with a view on the valley. The ci (...)

Borgo Acacia  - Canelli
living area 200.00m2 - Total area 10000.00m2 - Price: 260.000 €

This collection of a few houses is located in a wonderful position on a hilltop with a magnificent far views. For sale are five buildings of which one is a recent construction and the other four are ancient stone houses, partly attached to each other. On the back of one of the R (...)

Casa Chiara  - Canelli
living area 140.00m2 - Total area 1000.00m2 - Price: 110.000 €

This stone house is situated sunny and quiet on a hillside with beautiful views and just a few hundred meters to restaurants and supermarket in a small village. The house is completely detached with a small plot. It is convenient to reach by car all year through via a residentia (...)

Casa Merenda C  - Canelli
living area 84.00m2 - Total area 2000.00m2 - Price: 120.000 €

This small, restored house stands on a hillside, at the edge of a "Borgo" (five houses), with a beautiful view, only two kilometers from the wine town of Canelli. Here you will find all shopping possibilities and daily needs. In the surrounding area are restaurants, bars, shops a (...)

Casa Sabrina P  - Canelli
living area 200.00m2 - Total area 14000.00m2 - Price: 300.000 €

This immediately habitable country house stands on a slope, with view, sunny and quiet, just outside the famous wine town Canelli. The house can be reached conveniently via a private driveway with electric gate (incl. video). There is only a direct neighbor, but the privacy is (...)

Casa Chiesavecchia  - Canelli
living area 195.00m2 - Total area 7000.00m2 - Price: 200.000 €

In panoramic position on a ridge of hills high above a valley is the double-storey house. It is facing south-west, very sunny and quiet. The property with private driveway and gate can be easily reached via an asphalted residential road. Canelli is about seven kilometers away. Th (...)

Casa Marianna  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area 12000.00m2 - Price: 170.000 €

In a beautiful and sunny position this house is located, not far from the charming and famous town of Canelli, with a view over the wide valley, Canelli and the castle. A short, private driveway going of a residential road leads to the courtyard of the property. Around the plot (...)

Casa Libera A  - Canelli
living area 250.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 170.000 €

This farmhouse is situated sunny in a panoramic position, outside a beautiful village, only a few kilometers from the city of Canelli. The view winds beautifully over the rolling vineyards of Monferrato. The farmhouse is located on a small road and easily accessible. The yard (...)

Tenuta Armonica  - Canelli
living area 600.00m2 - Total area 103065.00m2 - Price: 820.000 €

This winery is located very romantically, quiet and sunny only 4.4 kilometers from the famous wine town of Canelli, considered the "Capitale" of Italian Spumante and home to many leading wineries. The high-altitude, varied shaped and ten hectares plot of land are planted with six (...)

Cascina Franca  - Canelli
living area 170.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price on request

This stone farmhouse is located on a hillside with a beautiful view - sunny, quiet and very romantic. Without neighbors quiet and undisturbed, yet not isolated. To the historic city of Canelli it is only a few minutes by car, also Nizza Monferrato and Acqui Terme are not far away (...)

Cascina Erba C  - Canelli
living area 240.00m2 - Total area 10000.00m2 - Price: 70.000 €

Detached farmhouse in mid hillside with beautiful view over the valley and up to the village. convenient to reach via private driveway (ca. 300 m) which leads of a small and rarely used asphalt road. The village with little shop, two bars and post office is only one kilometer awa (...)

Cascina Pietra CR  - Canelli
living area 300.00m2 - Total area 3000.00m2 - Price: 300.000 €

This romantic farmhouse is in upper hillside with panoramic views over the surrounding countryside with its scattered farms, vineyards, meadows and forests, and far to the Alps. It offers the rare opportunity to restore an uncorrupted stone farmhouse in a good situation. A narrow (...)

Cascina Sabatina CR  - Canelli
living area 300.00m2 - Total area 8000.00m2 - Price: 230.000 €

This property of natural stone is located high above the Belbo Valley, with a fantastic and extremely rare panoramic view over the surrounding green valleys and hills all the way to the Alps. Properties in this very charming, unique location are currently hardly available. A r (...)

Casa Mikka C  - Canelli
living area 83.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 90.000 €

This small townhouse, attached on the backside, is situated in liberated area at the edge of the central historical town of Canelli. These houses are the last only followed by gardens, meadows and forest. The central location allows all city activities without needing a car. The (...)

Casa Valentina P  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area 5000.00m2 - Price: 210.000 €

This spacious farmhouse is situated sunny and quiet in a dominant panoramic position. A typical Piedmontese village with shopping is only about two kilometers in distance. The house is located at an asphalted residential street with very low traffic and is comfortable to reach by (...)

Casa Trinita A  - Canelli
living area 145.00m2 - Total area 4000.00m2 - Price: 250.000 €

This house, built in the old style, stands on a ridge of a hill in unobstructed panoramic position with wide view to the Alps. It is located outside of a beautiful Piedmontese village with shopping facility and restaurant, bar, etc.. It is a good and quiet residential area in a s (...)

Villa Fornaro C  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 930.000 €

This farmhouse, which is converted to a villa, is located in beautiful surroundings and with views. It is outside of an attractive village (1 km) with a small supermarket, bakery, bar and restaurant. Over an asphalted residential road which passes the private driveway, the proper (...)

Casa Boscadonna C  - Canelli
living area 80.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 270.000 €

In a very panoramic position this house is located sunny and quiet along a small coastal road, near a nice and typical Piedmontese village. In the village there are bar, restaurants, bakery, and a small convenience store. The property is easily accessible year-round by car. A cov (...)

Casa Roberto  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area 8000.00m2 - Price: 360.000 €

This property is located a few hundred meters from the center of the famous wine city of Canelli. Situated on a hillside one can enjoy the view down over the town and to the other sides over a quiet valley. In Canelli are next to shops, offices, bars and restaurants also weekly m (...)

Casa Quercia P  - Canelli
living area 50.00m2 - Total area 30000.00m2 - Price: 70.000 €

Small holiday home in a beautiful, high and fog-free location with unique and breathtaking panoramic and distant views over the Monferrato all the way to the Alps (with Monviso- Mont Blanc massif). A small asphalted residential road leads from a town in the valley about five kilo (...)

Casa Robinia C  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area 1000.00m2 - Price: 300.000 €

Not far from the wine town Canelli, in a very nice and popular area, this country house is situated sunny, quiet and with wonderful panoramic views. The property is very comfortable to reach all year round via a asphalted residential street. The house needs a restoration, the ba (...)

Casa Lorena P  - Canelli
living area 265.00m2 - Total area 3000.00m2 - Price on request

In a quiet, sunny and slightly elevated position this habitable house is in shorter distance from the connection Canelli and Nizza Monferrato. The distance to Canelli is about 3.5 km and 8 km Nizza Monferrato. The property is very well connected and easily accessible by car. A de (...)

Casa Briccola A  - Canelli
living area 110.00m2 - Total area 60000.00m2 - Price: 110.000 €

Location: The property is located on the ridge between the Belbo and Bormida Valley. The distance to the city of Canelli with all the shopping is 10 km. The nearest neighbors are 200-400 meters away. Plot: The size is six hectares lain on both sides of the ridge, of which the ho (...)

Casa Borgo A  - Canelli
living area 180.00m2 - Total area 3000.00m2 - Price: 70.000 €

This property is located with three other houses in a small hamlet high above the valley of Belbo. A village with shopping, bar and a good restaurant are only about one kilometer in distance. The famous wine-town Canelli is only five kilometers away and the ramp of the autostrada (...)

Casa Cassia C  - Canelli
living area 125.00m2 - Total area 4790.00m2 - Price: 240.000 €

This detached house is facing south-west and located sunny and quiet outside a village in undisturbed panoramic position. Convenient to reach over a small residential road with no direct neighbors. The road leads to a neighboring village (walking distance) with shop, bars, resta (...)

Casa Cittadina C  - Canelli
living area 435.00m2 - Total area 200.00m2 - Price: 115.000 €

This spacious, old brickhouse - facing to the south - is located, quiet and sunny, just at the upper end of the old part oft he wine-town of Canelli, and offers a beautiful view over the city on the adjacent hills of Monferrato. In a minute walking you are in the middle of the an (...)

Cascina Giovana C  - Canelli
living area 600.00m2 - Total area 60000.00m2 - Price: 700.000 €

In a Region known for its excellent red wines this ancient farmhouse is situated sunny and calm on a hillside, facing south, halfway above a romantic valley, with magnificent panoramic views and its own large vineyard. From the public road leads a small paved road to the property (...)

Cascina Crevacuore C  - Canelli
living area 415.00m2 - Total area 30000.00m2 - Price: 750.000 €

This old, formerly important farmhouse stands in a prominent panoramic position below a hilltop with panoramic view over the valley and the vineyards. The location is sunny, quiet and very romantic. From the property the distance is about two kilometers to the next wine village w (...)

Casa Alberi C  - Canelli
living area 182.00m2 - Total area 4000.00m2 - Price: 190.000 €

This house is situated on a small hill with a beautiful view on the city with its castle and the surrounding vine hills, only one kilometer in distance from the center of the historic town of Canelli. The location is very quiet yet within minutes to the town with all shops. The o (...)

Cascina Rovere P  - Canelli
living area 600.00m2 - Total area 27500.00m2 - Price: 350.000 €

This typical farmhouse is beautiful located, facing south, very sunny and quite under the hilltop above a romantic and steap side valley. It offers a wonderful panoramic view. No direct neighbors disturb the tranquility without being too isolated. Within minutes the village in t (...)

Casa Frutteto C  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area 1500.00m2 - Price: 55.000 €

This typical house/casa is situated sunny at the edge of a village near Nizza Monferrato with nice views. The two-storey village house is attached on one side, being the first house in a row of three houses. The distance to the center of the village is less then 200 meters. Over (...)

Cascina Caverna C  - Canelli
living area 300.00m2 - Total area 31600.00m2 - Price: 330.000 €

This farmhouse is situated high above the "Belbo Valley" with magnificent panoramic views over Canelli with its dominant castle, over villages and vineyards all the way up to the French and Swiss Alps. The property is good to reach: A little asphalt road leads (...)

Cascina Canelli C  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area 10000.00m2 - Price: 350.000 €

This immediate habitable, restored farmhouse is in a very good and beautiful location. Just outside Canelli (1 km ? all shopping) but very quiet and sunny situated with panoramic views. The property is reached very comfortable over a little used asphalted road. The next neighbors (...)

Villa Portevecchia C  - Canelli
living area m2 - Total area m2 - Price on request

This beautiful property is situated in a calm and sunny side valley with beautiful view. The restoration of the property was finished in this summer (2012) and captivates by its high-quality and tasteful work under preservation of its historical and original charm. One sees immed (...)

Rustico Capriolo G  - Canelli
living area 200.00m2 - Total area 14000.00m2 - Price: 80.000 €

Just 1.5 km in distance from the wine town of Canelli and yet in a quiet, private and sunny location stands this Rustico which needs full restoration. From a narrow very rarely frequented asphalt road leads a 200-meter-long forest path to the property. From here one can enjoy the (...)

Casa Bielli C  - Canelli
living area 250.00m2 - Total area m2 - Price: 105.000 €

This property is situated idyllically, quiet and sunny in a small valley on the edge of a hamlet, with a view to the surrounding vineyards and woods. The property can be easy and comfortable reached over a small paved road with little traffic coming from the city of Canelli. T (...)

Villa Verdino M  - Canelli
living area 463.00m2 - Total area 25000.00m2 - Price: 640.000 €

This very special and lovely manor house is located between the vineyards in an exposed position high above a typical village in Monferrato (distance ~1.7 km) and close to the cities of Nizza Monferrato and Canelli (both distance ~7 km). The property offers in this position just (...)

Cascina Crutin M  - Canelli
living area 350.00m2 - Total area 60000.00m2 - Price: 250.000 €

This very nice country house is situated romantically in the vicinity of a village (7 km / 10 minutes Canelli/center) on a hillside and offers beautiful views over the surrounding hills of Monferrato. The property needs restoration. The property consists of two stone houses with (...)

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