Biodynamic farm for electric sensitive people
Benicarló, 530.000 €

The property contains 57.000 m2 of land and two habitations and is about 10km from Benicarlo and Vinaros situated, near the CV-138. The whole property has been organic for 24 years, (not certified) with the exception of the orange and olive plantations until they joined the property.

One habitation (90m2) is comparatively new. It is built with bio-construction with a wood roof and bio-block bricks filled with cork for insulation against summer heat and winter cold. It is decorated using natural paints. There is an efficient wood burner for winter use. Close to the house is the office with TV and internet connection, a workshop and a solar house with batteries supplying off-grid DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current) energy. Joined to the office is the garage for two large cars and with store rooms in the roof.

The other habitation (35m2) is of poor construction, but still accommodates house sitters. Joined to it there is a workshop and another store room and underground store room.

Separate from the two habitations, but close, there is the laundry room and shower and a carpentry workshop. These are on the company electricity and contracted for AC 220V electricity.

In the field between the two houses there is a breathing wooden store house for farm equipment and a food store for animal food, and close by the swimming-pool.

Rainwater harvesting is carried out from all the roofs, with the guttering on the main house made of copper. The rain water is cleaned with Grander energisers, and is good enough for house use if it is preferred to regular irrigation water, even for drinking when boiled. The water is stored in underground and shaded overground tanks, and can also be used for growing vegetables as a change from irrigation water.

There are shares with the local irrigation water company for watering three quarters of the total property land.

The cultivated land consists of vegetable gardens and an orchard at each of the houses. There are adequate compost boxes for making the biodynamic composts. A well constructed house for chickens or ducks, with run, is in the garden of the older of the two habitations. There is a well cultivated field of well producing olive trees, and there are more olive trees in the field where the swimming-pool is. At both houses there are gardens for flowers. All the cultivated land has been treated with biodynamic sprays and compost prepared with biodynamic preparations for 15 years (the olive field for four years).

Surrounding the property there are hedges of oleander, hawthorn, eleagnus, and cyprus. Drip hose irrigation is used on these hedges and the gardens. Protecting the whole property from the northerly winds, there is an overgrown and now abandoned orange tree planation, which is arranged for drip hose irrigation. Other fields contain semi-abandoned carob trees, which are still producing large quantities of carob beans, suitable for sheep and goats or for sale at the local co-op, and plenty of winter firewood. The abandoned field in front of the house allows a natural view as far as the sea. Many fields are fenced and are suitable for animal pasture, including sheep. At the moment there are only four ducks and two cats, but the owner has had experience there with many other animals. There is a well constructed ventilated dog kennel. After rain, many wild plants and bushes grow on the abandoned fields. There is a circuit walk of the property which is useful for keeping an eye on the furthest fields.

Reference ES-27895
Price 530.000 €
Ground area 57.000 qm
Google Map of Benicarló, Castellon, Spain